2014 Abaco Beach Blue Marlin Invitational Live Hook Up Status
Day One Top Boat
1 Wave Paver650.00
2 Miss Budweiser550.00
3 Fish Tank500.00
4 Weez in the Keys400.00
5 Lo Que Sea150.00
6 Uno Mas150.00
7 Marlin Darlin150.00
8 Sharkbait100.00
*Billfish Only
Day One Catch Stats
Blue Marlin Count4
White Marlin Count5
Sailfish Count3
Spearfish Count0
Dolphin Count0
Wahoo Count0
Tuna Count1
Day One Fish Log
TeamAnglerSpeciesRelease Time
  Ma SheilaPeter ZylshaYellowfin Tuna6.12.14 04:30:36
  Wave PaverSteve DavisWhite Marlin6.12.14 04:23:54
  Fish TankChris JessenSailfish6.12.14 04:09:04
  Fish TankKitt ToomeyBlue Marlin6.12.14 01:56:54
  Wave PaverJR DavisSailfish6.12.14 01:25:07
  Weez in the KeysScott RobbinsBlue Marlin6.12.14 12:55:11
  Marlin DarlinBobby JacobsenWhite Marlin6.12.14 11:21:09
  Miss BudweiserMichael FlaniganBlue Marlin6.12.14 10:27:53
  Miss BudweiserJeff BickleWhite Marlin6.12.14 10:11:01
  Uno MasSean GallagherWhite Marlin6.12.14 09:37:20
  SharkbaitJohn RooksSailfish6.12.14 09:29:47
  Wave PaverSteve DavisBlue Marlin6.12.14 09:25:24
  Lo Que SeaTim LenehanWhite Marlin6.12.14 08:42:54
Day One Top Angler
1 Steve DavisWave Paver550.00
2 Michael FlaniganMiss Budweiser400.00
3 Scott RobbinsWeez in the Keys400.00
4 Kitt ToomeyFish Tank400.00
5 Tim LenehanLo Que Sea150.00
6 Sean GallagherUno Mas150.00
7 Jeff BickleMiss Budweiser150.00
8 Bobby JacobsenMarlin Darlin150.00
9 John RooksSharkbait100.00
10 JR DavisWave Paver100.00
*Billfish Only